Tech Companies Shouldn't Embrace Ideologies

Imagine if you were using some tech company services, and suddenly a popup appears: "Happy communism day!". Or suddenly, you see all of them changing their logos into an image related to supporting Pedophilia in a weird country around the world which we may have never cared for.

Unfortunately this is what's happening today on various levels. Tech companies are tossing their selves into a huge ideology battleground. I don't care about your opinion in Trump, LGBT rights, Charlie Hebdo attack, global warming or sexual dominance whether it was with or against. I just care about using your tech service.

It's highly unprofessional that a multi-national tech company declare their support for an ideology in facing another. In 2010 for example, things were not like that. You'd see tech companies only working on a technical stuff related to their companies. They had no interest in those "global issues". However, things are changing.

I am not talking about the subject of a certain ideology itself. I am talking about using your own company to promote it and spread it between the public, creating some controversial stories like what just Google did to their employee.

I am not sure about why If I was working at company XYZ, I should support democracy or feminism. Even though if I was with such ideas. My company hires me to develop software using Python and NodeJS. To deploy web applications on AWS. Not to participate in advancing its own set of ideas and opinions about life and universe. They don't write those things on the contract. I shouldn't be fired for stating my own personal opinion about such stuff (in a way that's not affiliated to the company).

Sure, tech companies do have the right to setup their closed workspace and create their own rules. However, this shouldn't be related to ideologies or global issues or controversial ideas. It should be related to managing the work and getting the best out of each worker. And maintaining respect and friendship between employees. Not forcing them to embrace a certain beliefs system.

That being said, what we are facing right now is way out of how things should be. Or how things used to be. Tech companies are participating more and more in those global issues and debates. They participate not as individuals from the companies, but as the company as a whole. Which forces other people or smaller unrelated companies to also support their own ideologies and spread it through their projects.

The result at the end, after a while, is a set of companies working on promoting the ideology with the tech product, bundling them together. Which will also motivate other people and entities to promote their own set of ideas and beliefs through their projects and companies, diverging the tech industry away from what it should be: A place for promoting technology alone, not Ideologies.