My name is M.Hanny Sabbagh. From Syria and currently living in Turkey. I spend most of my time developing open source software or writing about it. Here's a quick list of some of my projects and places I worked at:

  • Helal Linux: A Linux distribution suited for Muslim users (Disconnected).
  • Linux Alyoum: An Arabic website about Linux and open source software news & tutotrials.
  • Green Recorder: A desktop screencasting app for Linux, supports Wayland and Xorg. (Disconnected).
  • FOSS Post: High-quality articles, analytics and reviews about Linux and open source.
  • OpenPigeon: Open source news at an instant, away from blog-spam and low quality links.
  • Worked before at the following companies and projects: Hsoub, TecMint, Odamigo, Tipyan. I worked as a freelancer for a very long time too.

If you want, we can talk about any possible work or freelancing offer you may have. I'm open.

Feel free to follow me on my GitHub & Twitter accounts. You can email me on: mhsabbagh[at]