Tech Companies Shouldn't Embrace Ideologies

Imagine if you were using some tech company services, and suddenly a popup appears: "Happy communism day!". Or suddenly, you see all of them changing their logos into an image related to supporting Pedophilia in a weird country around the world which we may have never cared for.

Unfortunately this is what's happening today on various levels. Tech companies are tossing their selves into a huge ideology battleground. I don't care about...

Finally, Zayzafoun Is Live!

So, I have just installed Zayzafoun on my web server to use it as my personal blog script from now on. Zayzafoun is a web script which I develop in Python & Flask micro-framework. It's very simple.

Honestly, the hardest part for me was deploying it with Nginx and Uwsgi. Took me an hour of Googleing. But I managed to do it at the end.

So, happy birthday to Zayzafoun!